How long should I invest?

It is recommended for minimum of 3 years however you get to determine the time horizon, which is best for your financial goals.

Can I have more than one account?

SSL offers a range of products which gives you the freedom to have more than one account.

Are you locked into the managed plans for any period of time? If so how long and what is the penalty if you pull out before?

There is no holding period on these investments. In the event a client needs to exit the plan early, a liquidation fee will be applied. The longer you hold the investment the less the charge will be.


How often do you receive interest?

The clients receive interest whenever the securities they are invested in pay dividends. For most of the securities, this is quarterly (every 3 months), BUT not all of the securities pay at the same time. For example, security ‘A’ might pay dividends Jan 1, April 1, July 1,October 1 while security B might pay dividends Feb 10, May 10, August 10, November 10, and some may not pay at all.


Do you get charged the full management fee quarterly or is it prorated?

The management fee is an annual fee that is charged on a quarterly basis. Therefore, with a management fee of 2% per annum, we charge 0.5% every quarter.


Who is my Financial Advisor?

Your advisor will be assigned to you upon account opening and in most cases will remain the same.


How often do I top-up my account?

We encourage you to invest as often as possible so that you may diversify your portfolio, but there is no set frequency for the amount of times you need to invest.


Can I get my money when I want?

Your investment is always available to you, however, there is a fee for liquidating managed portfolios and trades settle in T+2 days. Once the sale is completed, a wire transfer of the funds can be done or a cheque may be requested free of cost.


Can I do my own trades?

SSL will be implementing an online trading platform to facilitate ease of doing your own trade shortly.  Currently the process to execute trade requests is to send an email with your trade instruction or visit any of our offices to complete an instruction form.


Do you provide investment advice?

Yes, we provide expert investment advice. Any one of our licensed Financial Advisors is able to guide you in making solid investment decisions.


How do I add money to my account?

You can make a cash or cheque deposit into our First Global Bank Account. You can also deliver a cheque to our office locations. Wire transfer and Point-of-Sale are also other options.


If I don’t have all the requirements to open an account, can I continue to open the account and trade?

Trading can only commence on your account once all the required documents are received.


Who can I use as a reference?

The following are acceptable professions: Justice of the Peace/ Notary Public, Attorney-at-Law, Medical Doctor, Minister of Religion, Employer, SSL client for at least two years


Why do I need to provide source of funds?

This is a mandatory financial requirement and is geared towards the prevention of money laundering and illegal cash arising from illegal activities. Acceptable proof are payslips, job letter, bank statement, business ownership, sale of property, pension etc.


If I have share certificates, how can I sell the shares?

Share certificates must first be converted to electronic form. The process involves opening a Brokerage account in the name (s) of the individuals listed on the certificates, submitting all the certificates to the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JSCD) for the conversion to be made, then submitting your request to sell your shares. This is a very tedious process so we always advise our clients that this will take some time but they will be guided by our Financial Advisors and provided with constant updates.


What is a good amount to invest?

You can start investing with as little as JMD $5,000 however the more you invest the better it will be in the long run as the amount of return you get is dependent on the amount invested. Is it always recommended to start as soon as possible; do not wait until you get a lump sum.


How long does it take for the funds from a trade to be available on account?

The JSE trades settle in T+2 days. T= day the trade was actually bought/sold and 2= business days after the trade date.




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