Stocks & Securities Ltd (SSL), provides highly personalized, research-driven Investment Advisory services for individuals, families and Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), focusing on Jamaican clients. We have been a pioneer in the Investment Advisory services business, by focusing on client segregated accounts with an emphasis on US$ exposure for clients’ capital preservation & principal protection.

Our Investment Advisory services include Private Wealth Management & Financial Planning Services, consisting of wealth managers and financial advisors. Our Organization’s Private Wealth Manager’s investment strategy concentrates mainly on US$ denominated, segregated investment portfolios tailored with proprietary based risk questionnaires and investment policy statements. Our wealth managers focus on US$ blue-chip equities and US$ investment grade bonds when guiding our client investment portfolio allocation process, and tailor recommendations based on our clients’ investment goals.

Our Organization’s Financial Advisors’ investment strategy focuses on providing financial education and savings programs through Collective Investment Schemes (CIS), Mutual Funds & Exchange-Traded Funds. Our Financial Advisors deliver personalised financial plans so that clients may gain access to a diversified portfolio of securities with lower initial amounts and benefit from the power of compounding their wealth while developing a regime of continuous savings. Our CIS focuses on J$ and US$ investments with blue-chip and investment grade exposure, through multiple fund offerings that our Financial Advisors select in order to achieve their clients’ objectives.

SSL considers building client relationships as their top priority. We believe a successful investment advisory relationship is paramount to building strong relationships with our clients. Our client investment portfolios are reviewed on an ongoing basis by our Investment Committee with US$ portfolio return being the benchmark by which we measure our Organization’s performance. We make investing easy. Opportunity awaits you.

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