SSL Invest Brokerage Services Stock Broker Jamaica

SSL is the second oldest brokerage firm in Jamaica and the leading stock broker in U.S. dollar securities in Jamaica.

We give our clients access to thousands of securities listed on the local and international markets. Want to buy shares in companies that you use everyday? This is the place to do it. As a licensed securities broker, we give our clients a unique opportunity to invest in companies that they help make profitable! Do you use an iPhone or any other Apple product? Have you ever considered owning shares in Apple as well? Perhaps you enjoy Coca-Cola. Why not buy shares in Coca-Cola and benefit from the profit that you help them generate?

There are a number of ways for you to become an investor, and, despite popular belief, you do not have to be rich, exceptionally smart or powerful to do it. With as little as J$5,000, you can open your brokerage account at SSL and start purchasing shares in companies so that it can grow and offer you a greater return than it would in your bank account!

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