Congratulations on your engagement! Stocks and Securities Limited wants to partner with you in planning for forever. We have created a product specially for Kingston Bridal Week’s Very Important Brides (VIBs), called the SSL Infinity.

Introducing SSL Infinity: a bridal registry alternative where couples can choose to use their Infinity account as an option to accept monetary wedding gifts – instead of household items or deposits to their bank account.

The funds collected in your Infinity account will be invested in Jamaican dollar securities and begin earning more attractive returns than a traditional savings account. Our Jamaican dollar managed products have returned 37.22%* on average to our clients since its inception in January 2017. Savings accounts at a bank on average returns 0.85% per year.

*This represents the actual returns of our model portfolio. Historical returns are not guaranteed and not indicative of future results.

Call us at 929-3400, email or schedule an appointment. In order to open a SSL Infinity account without an initial deposit, you will need only 4 items:
1. Valid ID
2. TRN
3. Proof of Address
4. The name and number of two (2) character references

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