What We Do:

Stocks and Securities Limited covers all areas in the investment business and strives to be the best at advising our clients on the possible strategies to develop their business. Our team will be with you every step of the journey and will be the top advisor and financer be in a financial institution, corporation or small to medium companies. Your business becomes our top priority as we focus on raising capital, improving growth in local economy all to achieve the business goals.

We offer the following services:
– Corporate Advisory: Business planning, Financial forecasting & development, Legal restructuring
– Private debt issues raise
– SSL has been successful in raising over 400 million privately for local companies
-We had the opportunity to act as the lead broker for the following Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s):



Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)

The initial public offering of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) shares closed a day ahead of the deadline for subscriptions because it was oversubscribed by 41%. More than 150 applications were received for the offer. The invitation was for subscription and sale of 38.25 million shares, of which 28.05 million were newly issued for subscription, and 10.2 million were existing shares.

Consolidated Bakeries (PURITY)

The initial public offering of Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica Limited, which operates under the brand name Purity received more than the J$97 million the company aimed to raise. The company offered 51,805,171 ordinary shares to the market at a price of J$1.88 per share. The offer closed the next day having received in excess of 470 applicants.

Caribbean Cream Limited (KREMI)

Caribbean Cream Limited’s initial public offering was oversubscribed. Caribbean Cream, the maker of Kremi ice cream, sought to raise $75 million by listing 20 per cent of the company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market by way of an IPO at $1 per share. The Invitation was oversubscribed with in excess of 375 applications received.

AMG Packaging & Paper Company (AMG)

The initial public offering (IPO) of shares in AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited was oversubscribed and closed 30 minutes after subscriptions opened. SSL received 300 applications totaling approximately $213 million when only $57.8 million was originally sought.


Jamaican Teas Limited


Fixed & Floating Secured Corporate Bond

Issued November 7, 2013 and listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange

J$200,000,000 was raised to be used for debt refinancing and general working capital support. The note matures on November 6, 2017 and interest payable on the 30th of each month. Investors receive a fixed coupon rate of 8.5% for the first two years and then floating at 180 day Weighted Average Treasury Bill Yield (WATBY) plus 2.5%. Principal repayment upon maturity.


Post To Post Betting Company Limited (P2P)

SSL worked with in 2016, acting as exclusive financial adviser, arranger and sponsoring broker. The advice provided was in relation to the corporate and capital structure. SSL remedied a complicated situation by changing the ownership structure of P2P from three family-based shareholders to one shareholder, in order to have one dedicated CEO, and one shareholder with a sole vision for moving the business forward.  This entailed, technical negotiations that SSL led with bankers, attorneys and other consultants to result in an amicable solution.

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