SSL Invest Private Wealth Management

What We Do



No two clients in Private Wealth Management will have the same portfolio. We strongly recognize that one size does not fit all. Each investment proposal is constructed from scratch, guided by our proprietary Risk Questionnaire and Investment Policy Statements.


Asset Allocation

As an investment strategy, our Asset Management Team aims to achieve the optimal balance between growth and income using US dollar blue-chip equities, investment grade bonds and alternative investments. We believe that at the intersection of growth and income, is where we find maximum success for our clients’ portfolios



To most of our Private Wealth clients, service is just as important as portfolio returns. We make it a priority to offer an elevated level of service in this segment to meet those expectations. Since this is an asset management relationship, we keep it very simple. We charge our clients one portfolio management fee. No commission. No trade fees. No other fees.


Confidentiality & Disclosure

Our Private Wealth Management office is intentionally separate from our main office in Kingston, including having a separate entrance. Rest assured that we understand the importance of client confidentiality.

The Ultimate Portfolio Manager

The SSL Private Wealth Management (PWM) segment uses the same model as some of the most successful asset management firms in North America. Using a strategic wealth management structure, we concentrate on mainly US dollar denominated investment portfolios. Our PWM offering can be broken down into 4 simple, but equally important aspects:


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