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Christmas stocks shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to purchase certain stocks. With increases in holiday shopping and spending, the Christmas season is said to be one of the most profitable holidays throughout the year for retailers especially. There are increases in sales whether online or in stores. Smart investors capitalize on this by investing in certain stocks before the holiday, not after. Here is a list of 4 stocks you may want to consider buying before the holiday has passed.


  1. Amazon – The Company’s performance last year in terms of sales for the Christmas season was the best of all retailers online and is predicted to be even better this year. Amazon is said to capitalize on increased toy sales as their competitor, Toys R Us, filed bankruptcy recently. The online retail giant recorded a whopping $4 million in toy sales for 2016, with more than a third of that sale for December only. Additionally, Amazon accounted for up to 50% of online sales during Black Friday recently. Therefore, it is not surprising that the e-commerce giant is a recommended stock for this Christmas.
  2. Apple – Apple is expected to profit from the recent acquisition of Shazam, the popular music recognition app in the coming weeks. Furthermore, with the increased sales for the IPhone X from 68% last quarter to 72% in September, Apple is predicted to be consistent in sales for the season.  
  3. NVIDIA – For this visual computing company, the stock price more than doubled this year. It is currently trading at $197. The stock is predicted to continue rising in price at least for the next year.
  4. FedEx Corp – The package delivery company is on target for another record holiday-shipping season. Today, it reported an increase of 1.4% and is currently trading at $242.54. Compared to a year ago, the stock price has increased by 30%. This is due to the increase in online shopping for the holiday.

Investing in these stocks is worth taking advantage of for Christmas. So instead of painting or probably changing furniture for the holiday, why not consider investing in your future.

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