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Jamaica continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the top-ranking global destinations for investments. With the macroeconomic environment improving, we are seeing higher values and volumes trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange as business and consumer confidence increases.

In 2017, the combined index grew by 42.8%, and we expect the index to hit the 400,000 mark by the end of this year. Understandably, investors are concerned about the high valuation of the equity market; this is a global phenomenon.  A market correction is coming; however, we do not anticipate this happening in 2018. Investors are deviating from previous investment tactics, shifting from the now low-yielding bond markets to equities and private placement deals.

It is no secret that the JSE continues to outperform several international markets and many feel that it is time to cash out.  We disagree.

There is money to made in the local market, with several initial public offerings slated for 2018 as well as real estate deals as corporations focus on developing the infrastructure of a growing economy.

With so many local securities outperformed expectations, we remain bullish on the following:

  • Jamaica Money Market Brokers
  • Jetcon Corporation Limited
  • National Commerical Bank Financial Group
  • FosRich Group of Companies
  • Caribbean Producers Jamaica. 
  • Seprod Limited

The country reformed framework will continue to attract investors to the island in 2018 as investors capitalise on a business-friendly environment, special economic zones benefits and competitive tax regime to name a few.

Jamaica has no problems attracting foreign direct investments and has the highest rank in the Caribbean for the ease of doing business.

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