Beware of Adding these Stock Options to Your Portfolios in 2018

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Proceed with caution sign for stock option

It is often said that the numbers don’t lie. After careful examination, we earmarked a few stock options that investors should be cautious about investing in, as they diversify their portfolios in 2018. See more below:

Tesla [NYSE: TSLA], has been a favourite among many investors. Some experts fear that the company’s story has reached its pinnacle since it has not transformed itself into the mass auto market. This company is a money loser and its recent delays, plus the almost fantastical vision of the battery-powered truck leads me to believe that CEO Elon Musk is played out and the operations need to start meeting the otherworldly promises of a dynamic economy.

The Long Island Ice Tea Corp. shifted its focus from manufacturing beverages to blockchain technology. The company changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. [NYSE: LBCC] and its stock shot up on the news. While the stock reached a high of $6.24 on Jan. 9, it is now trading at $4.22. The company appears to be a speculative bet on blockchain technology simply. While blockchain may be a significant innovation and change the way we transact, there is no guarantee.

Elite Diagnostic IPO back and forth is enough to give investors whiplash. The initial prospectus illustrated incompetence from the auditors to the two brokers. The report had a discrepancy of approximately $15 million re depreciation and fixed assets. This profoundly troubled investors, and we are seeing clients withdraw their applications.

Ciboney Group [JSE: CBNY], despite what Errol Campbell believes the stock market is not attracting investors into the now out-of-business entity. As the company sells it last asset, the Culloden Land for $250 million, they are left with significant debt.  Despite the rise in price after the news broke of the transaction, the price has declined by 12 percent. At this point, Ciboney is a placeholder on the stock market and not worth real consideration.

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