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Quantity producing is a strategy that Apple [NASDAQ: AAPL] is known for; they provide their client base with continuous updates year-over-year. But are these specific deadlines causing an uproar?

Quantity producing is not turning out so well for them.

There have been recent complaints about glitches and bugs in their software which, according to longtime customers, never used to happen when their customer base was smaller. They had feature-packed upgrades, some things rushed and some cut, causing delays in the release or inefficient updates. Apple is now putting in place a strategy to correct this, realising that they have been rushing and not meeting their deadlines.

These strategies that the company plans to implement will allow for engineers to have more time to work on features and refinements, than focusing on meeting annual requirements that seem to be rushed allowing for bug prone devices.

According to Bloomberg, the process is a huge cultural shock for engineers. They are used to quick turn-around with updates that keep loyal customers interested, which also shines the light on competitors to make them seem like they do not move as quickly.

What is coming next?

A single third-party app will be able to work on iPhones, Mac computers and iPods, the use of Apple’s iPhone apps on Mac and new characters for their popular Animojis, which will also be featured in the iPad. They also plan to integrate FaceTime and Animojis, allowing persons to use virtual faces, as well as potential FaceTime conferencing.

The first test will be their new software upgrade named ‘Peace’ which will most likely be called iOS 12.

In light of this, Apple has shifted its focus from quantity to quality produce. This is vital for customer satisfaction and company reputation. As such, despite loyalty to the company, some consumers have opted to switch from iPhone to Android, for ease of use and fewer issues, however, this will change their minds causing them to hold and see what Apple has in store for them.

Now that they are focusing on quality, are you excited to see what Apple Inc. has up their sleeves?

We shall see for the rest of 2018!


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