China Increases Investment in Jamaica

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China Increases Investment in Jamaica

Since the presence of international entity, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) in Jamaica, many residents are of the view that Jamaica’s government is slowly selling sections of the island to the Asian nation. It should be noted that CHEC has contributed invaluable infrastructure, through their work in developing the new North South Highway which has significantly reduced the travel time for residents driving to and from the south to the north coast.

Along with this development, Jamaica also has profited from increased employment in different departments that has resulted in consumption of local goods and services. Additionally, the company has embarked on projects to upgrade existing roads, alleviating perennial traffic issues plaguing drivers.

The most recent investment out of China is the establishment of Shacman’s regional headquarters. The heavy-duty truck company recently signed a deal with Tank Weld (TW) to distribute its trucks in Jamaica, where they will be setting up offices in Six Miles, St Andrew, close to Tank Weld’s main offices by the end of April, according to a recent news release. The deal is set to bring permanent employment to residents and offer an after service to customers who purchase Shacman trucks. Tank Weld has partnered with Jamaica National Bank to provide loans to small haulage contractors so that they can be in a position to purchase trucks from the company. The ripple effect throughout the economy should be significant, as this is a boost across different sectors.

The fact is that no one can confirm or deny the rumours behind China’s interest in Jamaica but the fact is we have seen changes and improvements in infrastructure that would not be possible using strictly local resources. CHEC has been a driving force in our economy creating job opportunities for individuals and increased foreign exchange through frequent travels to and from China.


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