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Supreme Ventures mobile app

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has reported that the company has made progress on its mobile betting app project but will not reveal all the details to the public until testing is complete. The company has partnered with Advanced Integrated Systems Limited to use its Quisk platform to roll out the app. The app is being tested with sports betting before any other game.

Advanced Systems Limited has however indicated that the patent is still pending and authorities have not yet implemented any legislation to regulate online gaming. Another ambiguity lies in the regulation for online payment in online gaming.

The Bank of Jamaica is responsible for the regulation, however, the bank’s oversight does not include online gaming on a mobile device. The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) stated that they will accept any payment method the Bank of Jamaica approves.

According to SVL having a mobile online gaming app will make it easier for persons to place bets. The use of Quisk will allow for faster payouts and access for the funds to be used to place more bets throughout the day. Mobile money will provide automatic audit trail for each bet and the banking sector will still be able to monitor KYC data or know your customer data.

For the quarter ending March 31, 2018, Supreme Ventures Ltd (SVL) reported a 14 per cent increase in revenue from JMD$13.39 billion in 2017 for the same period to JMD$15.29 billion. Profits increased by an impressive 49 percent from JMD$418.3 million to JMD$618.4 million. Lottery games continue to show increased growth in profit compared to the previous year, from JMD$556 million to JMD$796 million, a 30 percent increase in growth. However, horse racing continued to lose even more than it did in 2017 form JMD$19 million to JMD$40 million this quarter.

Nevertheless, Supreme Ventures  Ltd (SVL) continues to soar with an earnings per share increase of 49 per cent from $15.77 to $23.45 and we at SSL recommend our clients to include this stock in their portfolios. The stock is trading on the JSE at $12.20.


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