New YouTube Algorithm Angers Users

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YouTube Algorithm

Without getting the opinions of YouTubers, popular video app YouTube, began testing an algorithm which changed the chronological order in which videos appear in user subscription feeds. This is done on the reasoning that users are shown videos they would most likely watch instead of scrolling or searching for those videos. Before, once a user subscribes to a channel, the video would appear in the sub box and the user is able to browse through the videos and see every video offered by that particular channel so they can choose which one to watch.

Many persons would think that having a personalized feed would be better but history has shown it is not. Look at every social media network that tried the approach and the responses they received from users. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has tried personalizing news feeds before and the backlash they received was negative.

YouTube users are livid. Many creators have since complained that because of the optimization, they have received fewer views, less traffic and less revenue. Subscription feeds allow youtubers to connect directly with their subscribers and ensures they see when new videos are posted. This will make it difficult for creators to stay relevant on a platform that is constantly changing.

YouTube has since responded to say the ‘personalized’ feed is optional and only appears for a few people. They went on to further state that so far people with personalized feeds are watching videos for longer. The company’s focus has now shifted from the number of views on a video to how long someone watches the video. YouTube says it will allow its users to decide whether they prefer to view subscription feeds chronologically or by preference.



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