Apple Inc, Is Your Loyalty Worth It?

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Apple inc

Apple Inc [NASDAQ: AAPL], is one of the leading technology companies listed on the U.S market. The $1 trillion company is renowned for its robust data protection software, and innovative techniques which keep consumers who are edging for the latest gadgets happy, but what does this trillion milestone mean for loyal consumers?

Investors who purchased AAPL shares five years ago would have experienced an average of 229% return on investment! A value, which outweighs the cost of anxiously awaiting the next release of a new product and then cashing out hundreds to finance the purchase.

“Life is easier with an iPhone” is just one of the selling points of Apple. Users commend the robust privacy protection software, responsive updates to annoying glitches, user-friendly experience and sleek, cutting-edge designs, that the company continues to focus on.

Apple Inc is in the race to continue supplying millennials and with competitors like Microsoft, Google or Samsung, who are just as focused on creating futuristic technology, the markets can quickly shift from one player to the next.

Why not invest in a $1 Trillion company that will reap returns, pay dividends, brand loyalty? In comparison to the starting price of US$ 999 for the newly released iPhone X, the stock last traded at $232.02 on October 3, 2018; a mere fraction of what it costs to be a shareholder in the company.

Though not the 1st company to hit a $1 Trillion market capitalisation, the conversation is now, how prepared is the company to continuously invest in research and development?

Note that past results are not a determinant of future performance. However, a slow-down in the growth of the smartphone market-Apple’s highest income generator is not anticipated any time soon. Apple has displayed its resilience to change and is no doubt a stock to keep for the future.

As we await 2019’s release of more high-end gadgets and software that improves and continue to prove Iphone’s commitment to making life more comfortable; whether as an investor or as a loyal customer, there is a benefit to look forward to.


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